We received some interesting hiring statistics from CareerBuilder about our local market that we wanted to pass along to our network.  Everyone knows that it is difficult to find good, qualified candidates in today’s employment market.  One of the main reasons is simple supply and demand.  Current unemployment is below 2.5% for degreed professionals.  Additionally, the number of jobs posted will be higher than the number of unemployed people in 2019.  As the CareerBuilder representative stated, “there will literally not be enough people to fill open jobs.”

According to CareerBuilder, there were 131 HR Manager monthly postings on average in the KC area in 2016.  In 2018, there are 225 HR Manager roles posted monthly on average.  That is a 71% increase from just two years ago.  The actual number of hires for these types of roles has stayed relatively consistent with 52 per month in 2016 and 56 per month in 2018.

What does this data tell us?  The pace of hiring wasn’t keeping up in 2016 and it is even worse now.  Companies will need to retool their hiring processes to compete for top talent.  We would like to hear from HR professionals in our network.  What are your thoughts on today’s competitive candidate market?

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