By: Ryan Hahs, Executive Recruiter

“You got the job!” Words that many of us would like to hear, especially after how much time we spend creating/updating our resume, applying for jobs, going to networking events, interviewing and following up. With all of the competitive talent out there, it’s important to stay relevant and current on best job-seeking practices. Giving your resume a boost can help set yourself apart from others who may be interested and applying to similar opportunities.

You can search the web and find all kinds of tips to get your professional profile to stand out to employers, but being catchy is no longer the name of the game. With technology bringing us automated solutions that help recruiters view professional profiles quicker and easier than ever, the goal has shifted from “stand out” to “stand tall.” Or, in other words, it’s the QUALITY of your resume that sets you apart from the competition, at least on paper, in the early stages of the process.

Recruiters look at resumes all day, every day. Most are framed up the same as all the rest: company name, job title, dates, bullets describing job responsibilities. Adding color or changing the font is not going to make a huge impact. However, if you take the right approach, the bullets describing what you did or are currently doing at your job is where you can make a difference. Consider these two examples:

1. Make calls to clients and close the sale

2. Strategic client outreach translating into 30% monthly sales growth

Both describe how the person is spending his/her time on the job. Example #1 can fit on just about any sales person’s resume and does not create any excitement or lure. However, Example #2 speaks directly to the person’s success and allows the recruiter or hiring manager to envision how the person would perform on the job. This is best done by adding specific, measurable results.

Including strong action verbs can make a positive impact as well. Would you want to hire an employee that waits for things to happen OR assertively pursues world-class results? There is a huge difference and employers will notice. A second pair of eyes can often provide a different perspective as well. So, even though your spouse, sibling, friend, parent or even child may not be a talent acquisition expert, it never hurts to get a second opinion. Better yet, reach out to us here at Bell & Associates so we can act as a resource in your search.

Finally, most organizations consider a job description to be a living document that changes over time…your resume and professional profile should work the same way. With that in mind, take a moment to update your resume, LinkedIn profile, etc. so you can set yourself apart from the competition and finally discover the long-term career you have been searching for.

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