One of our newest clients came to a sad realization… his recruiters were failing him in a recent search to find a top performer candidate to be his #2 in the dept.

He was utilizing 3 separate recruiters (let’s not get started on why this is a bad idea in the first place) and each was presenting and selling a different story as to what the company was all about and what was compelling about the opportunity.

The result was 3 recruiters in the same market trying to recruit the same candidates all with different presentations of what the opportunity was and none of them had it right.  The best candidates who were approached 2 or 3 times about the same opportunity but with different stories were confused and just decided not to explore the opportunity.

An important question to ask your recruiting partners is how are they selling your company and opportunity to the the talent marketplace.  Good recruiters can be evangelists for your company and great for branding and reputation building.  With competition for talent at a high, your company and the opportunity on your team need to stand out and it is dire to make sure recruiters know how to articulate your story.  Bell & Associates, Inc. is quick to define a client’s differentiators and craft the right story so we can help our clients attract the best talent.

Back to our client’s situation.  After a short consultation, Bell & Associates, Inc. was able to help.  He engaged our firm and we reframed his company’s story and defined what was attractive about the job opportunity on his team, modified the ideal candidate profile and filled the open role in less than 2 weeks.  We presented 4 candidates to review, he interviewed 3, and hired 1 but also might hire the #2 candidate as well.  The #2 candidate turned out to be one of the candidates that had been approached by 2 other firms previously.

In today’s competitive market for top talent, you may only have one chance to land that top performer.  Let Bell & Associates, Inc. help you make sure you get it right.  If you have an opening on your team that needs urgent attention, let’s talk!  Please visit our Contact Us page and submit your information so one of our experienced recruiters can help.

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